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Spiritual Health: Meditation for Power

April 11th, 2022

Spiritual health is power. This is vital to holistic health. And it has a lot to do with meditation. Meditation is the time you spend feeding your spirit with quality experience, not just quality information. Your entire life can be one whole quality experience for your spirit. When this happens, your spirit gets quality feeding and you get tremendously empowered. Nothing can beat you.

Meditation is oriental. If you are oriental, the history of your culture is likely to be embellished with instances of meditation. Different people in the Orient do their meditations differently. Some wail, some bow down, some assume tranquil positions for emptying self, some quietly imbibe new and powerful natures. Orientals understand the value of spiritual health through meditation for power.

The Book of Proverbs and Psalms in the bible urge readers to meditate the Word of God. It is not merely to read or study the bible systematically and become intelligent in it, as many westerners understand the term “meditate.” It is to empty oneself and take on and fully imbibe a new nature, a very powerful one, as you eat and drink the Word of God. A wonderful mystery takes place in you. You take off your old self and put on the new. In the words of the apostle Paul, you become a new creation.

Meditation for power needs quality length of time, daily. In fact, it should be a life, not just a class session. It should be like natural breathing, taking place each moment, all through life. Jesus was seen regularly going to remote places or hillsides just meditating the Father. It was, “as his custom was,” leaving the house where he was while still dark and going to secret places.

Here are some tips to enjoy meditation for power:

1. Do it alone in quiet places, if possible, in the dark. God’s darkness is really light. It is where he lives: “God made darkness his shelter…the dark cumulus clouds of the sky…and from the brightness of him the clouds moved…”[Ps.18].

2. Relax and empty yourself. Jesus emptied himself and took the form of a slave. Emptiness is vital so God can fill you with himself, 100 percent.

3. Think of nothing. Just enjoy the experience of God. Listen, respond, absorb, and enjoy. Open up your spirit. Be changed.

4. Radical transformation is the real fruit of meditation for power. You should be transformed to the image of the One from whom you derive the experience. Without this, there’s no real power.

Remember, holistic health is the key to a full life. And central to holistic health is s